The Lawn Care Subscription App That Gives Back!

Choose a lawn care provider that offers more than just quality service. Wemow gives back to local PTAs and College Funds with every service.

$1 donated every service

Every time we service your lawn we will contribute $1 to your selected cause.

Choose Your Cause: When signing up, you can select the cause in your community you’d like to support. Users that are referred through a Wemow Gives Back link will be automatically associated with the corresponding cause.

Contributions accumulate automatically and are sent directly to your selected cause. A notification is sent to the recipient every time you give back so you can feel good knowing with each lawn service you’re also supporting the community!

Help spread the word to your neighborhood
Easily share unique referral IDs and links with friends and family to help grow the cause even more!

Supporting Your Community is Easier Than Ever

Give Back to Your Community with Every Lawn Service.
Wemow Gives Back To:

PTA Organizations

We believe in giving back to the organizations that support education, recreational sports, fundraising, non-profit events and more. That’s why we give back to local Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) so our communities and future generations can continue making a positive impact. 

  • $1 contributed on each completed service
  • Donations made in your name
  • Give back to up to 2 causes

College Funds

Are you a parent looking for a way to grow your child’s college fund? The Wemow Gives Back program lets customers everywhere contribute to individuals looking to invest in their future education! Get your children started on the path towards accomplishing their dreams with Wemow.

  • $1 contributed on each completed service
  • Donations made in your name
  • Give back to up to 2 causes

What You Can Expect with Wemow

A new take on traditional lawn care is here. Experience convenient,
simplified service at your fingertips.

Convenient Service

Convenient, easy to manage lawn service managed directly from your phone.​

Prices Start at $25

Pricing is transparent and based on lawn size. On average customers save up to 20% with Wemow with no hidden fees or contracts ever!

Fully Insured Providers

Wemow providers pass our 5-point check, are matched locally and stick with you for every service.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is available via phone, by text and through chat within the Wemow app. If there’s ever an issue, we’re here to help!

Hear From The Wemow Gives Back Community

Home and business owners are doing more with the lawn services they already pay for.

In these times it is difficult for teens and young adults to raise funds for college or other extracurricular activities. Wemow has given my son the ability to earn contributions to his college fund while benefiting our neighbors with a convenient service they needed anyway.
Parent of Wemow College Fund
The Wemow Gives Back program has helped me tremendously in growing my college fund. For myself and my family, it’s nice to know that there is something we can do now that is going to help me in the future for something as big as my college education.
16 year old with Wemow College Fund
Lawn Care is Now at Your Fingertips

Don’t put off your dream yard until next season. Start your lawn service today with Wemow.